ASIPP and TAE: to Cooperate in Fusion Technologies
count: [2018-06-13]

A high-level meeting between TAE Technologies Inc. (TAE) and ASIPP was held on 1st June in Hefei. The two sides signed a MOU of the cooperation on fusion engineering technology. 

Michl Binderbauer, president and CTO and Xiaokang Yang, the deputy general manager of Norman Program, TAE, spent almost a full day visiting ASIPP’s labs, workshops, and its Ion Medical and Technical Devices Company. Binderbauer is impressed by ASIPP R&D capabilities, especially by the drive, passion and vision of its young scientists and engineers.  

After discussion and exchange on the current progress and future cooperation plan, Baonian Wan, director of ASIPP and Binderbauer signed a MOU with witness of Deputy director general Yuntao Song and Academician Jiangang Li.  

As indicated in the MOU, ASIPP and TAE will build cooperation on two devices EAST and Norman and will conduct joint plasma physics simulation, analysis and calculation. Design and construction of fusion reactor, proton treatment and talent cultivation are also covered in the MOU. 

TAE is a private company founded in 1998, which has been devoted to the exploration of fusion energy. (XI Yingkun reports) 


Discussion on Cooperation  




Signature of MOU 



Visiting EAST Tokamak