ASIPP Starts to Deliver ITER AC/DC Converter System to ITER
count: [2018-05-02]

Five sets of China’s independently developed ITER AC/DC converter system were loaded in 8 big trucks in the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (or ASIPP) on April 10th, ready for more than 19000km’s long journey to International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (or ITER) site. 

This is the first batch of a total 14 AC/DC converter systems for ITER.  

“It is not an easy job,” said Dr. GAO Ge, head of power supply team in ASIPP, commenting on China’s biggest ITER procurement package, “taking us thirteen years to come to the delivery stage.” 

In 2005, the power supply team in ASIPP started the design mission with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology of China. In the following three years, ASIPP had improved the original design and put forward a new scheme, which was then accepted by ITER. 

2015 is a remarkable year for ITER power supply development. It witnessed the birth of world’s first integrated four-quadrant converter prototype with non-cophase-counter-parallel connection structure, development and assembly of China’s highest-power electrical equipment test platform. On the test platform, the converter system prototype passed more than 80 tests, with the maxim DC short-circuit current exceeding 500kA. 

The remaining nine sets are in production and test phase, and will be delivered on schedule. (ZHANG Lijun reports) 

 ITER AC/DC Converter System

 ASIPP Power Supply Team

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