EAST Articulated Maintenance Arm Grabs Tiles
count: [2017-02-21]

EAST Articulated Maintenance Arm (EAMA) didn’t let his creator down,  grabbing graphite tiles from the first wall with neat accuracy. The test was done before the Spring Festival, making it “a wonderful present to celebrate the Year of the Rooster,” according to CHENG Yong, head of EAMA. Meanwhile, EAMA completed the in-situ calibration experiment for neutron flux diagnostic system inside EAST machine.  

Updated from CEA-AIA in France, EAMA fits perfectly with to EAST AIA robot. This January, ASIPP scientists docked EANA with EAST tokamak, and conducted manipulator remote control test and automatic obstacle avoidance control test, which demonstrated that EAMA is capable monitoring in-vessel components and grabbing graphite tile at different places of the vessel.  

During the test, operators repeatedly calibrated the routes that robot arm had worked within the vacuum vessel and recorded a large amount of experimental parameters, which shall set a solid foundation for the robot arm to conduct routine operation inspection and internal component maintenance on EAST tokamak in the future.  

By joining hands with neutron diagnostics research group of Tokamak Physics Experiment Division, EAMA team conducted in-situ calibration test within the vacuum vessel with EAMA carrying isotopic neutron source. Thanks  to the flexibility of EAMA, the circumferential multi-spot calibration at the central position of plasma has fulfilled expectation. This will enormously shorten the preparation time for experimenters to handle radioactive source and lower their radiation dosage in future.(YANG Ping reports) 


Graphite Tile Grabbing Test Made By EAMA with the Gripper 


In-situ Experimental Calibration for Neutron FluxDiagnostic System