ASIPP Builds China’s Biggest Linear Plasma Device
count: [2017-01-17]

Recently, ASIPP has built a high density plasma sources (HPPX), the biggest linear plasma device in China, to conduct the research on interaction between plasma and materials as well as interaction between plasma and microwave.

Juneng Electro Physics High-tech Development Co., Ltd (HFJN), affiliated to ASIPP, designed and manufactured the device. During the acceptance inspection meeting, deputy director of ASIPP, Xiaodong ZHANG lauded “a big step in R&D of middle and small-sized plasma devices”.

HPPX composes of vacuum plant, magnetic confinement system, plasma source, diagnostic system, power supply and the other auxiliary system. It can produce and hold the steady-state plasma in a straight segment.

Its vacuum chamber, 0.5 meter in diameter and 6 meters in length, can be extended according to the demand of physical experiment because of its unique structure.

The plasma density in the weakest “magnetic mirror” in the center of the vacuum chamber can reach 1016m-3-1017m-3. The mirror ratio 4:1 is easy to be realized by resizing the magnetic field configuration. In addition, it is able to work stably for more than 10 hours in one single experiment. (Weiyun ZHOU reports)