Volunteers Bring Plasma Physics Knowledge to School Kids in Guizhou
count: [2016-10-09]

Volunteers of ASIPP participated in the science popularization event organized by CAS Popular Science Alliance in Intelligent Science and Technology in September to bring plasma physics knowledge to schools in Xingyi city, Wangmo County, Zhenfeng County and Qinglong County in Guizhou Province, more than 2500 kilometers away from Hefei. 

During the week in Guizhou, volunteers of ASIPP visited seven secondary schools. Through report, video, experiment and interaction, they introduced the knowledge of fusion science and the relationship between human and the man-made sun. 

Students were excited to see the superconducting material of tokamak and especially interested in the plasma sphere and plasma plate brought by volunteers. As a student said, “They aroused my curiosity. It’s the first time I hear about the 4th state of matter”.  

ASIPP established a science volunteer group in 1997. The main target is to satisfy the demands for popularizing scientific knowledge to the public especially teenagers. Since the beginning, the group has attracted young staff and students from different research sections to join in. They receive about 10 thousand visitors from all walks of life every year. (Yaqin LI reports)