2016 Joint ICTP-CAS-IAEA School and Workshop on Plasma-Material Interaction in Fusion Devices is Held in ASIPP

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2016 Joint ICTP-CAS-IAEA School and Workshop on Plasma-Material Interaction in Fusion Devices was held in ASIPP from 18 to 22 July.

The meeting was launched by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), partly funded by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), and jointly hosted by Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) and Instituteof Solid State Physics (ISSP).

Focused on computational simulation of the micro process of the plasma material interaction, the meeting was around five themes: (1) Electronic structure methods and tools for study of material microstructure and trapping and transport of H and He in fusion wall materials. (2) Development of classical interaction potentials for molecular dynamics studies. (3) Development of rate coefficients for KMC and other long-time evolution calculations. (4) Simulation methods for interpretation of experimental data, for example data obtained by thermal desorption spectroscopy. (5) Specific computational studies of erosion of plasma-facing materials due to plasma exposure, of radiation damage in plasma-facing materials and of trapping and migration of hydrogen and helium in such materials.

This meeting brings together more than 80 researchers from 11 countries. Containing 11 lectures, 3 invited talks, 23 oral presentations, 21 posters and several advanced trainings of computational simulation code, it has provided a platform for discussion concerning computational studies of plasma-material interaction processes in fusion devices.

Dr. Bastiaan J. Braams, IAEA official and Prof. Baonian Wan, Director of ASIPP made opening speeches, and the meeting was cochaired by Prof. Guang-Nan Luo from ASIPP and Prof. Chang-Song Liu from ISSP. (Xiaochun LI and Yiming Lu report) 

Dr.Bastiaan J. Braams Made Opening Speech

Prof. Baonian Wan Made Opening Speech

 Prof. Guangnan Luo Chaired the Meeting

Group Photo of Participants