ASIPP Researchers Attend PSI-22 Conference
count: [2016-07-11]

The 22nd International Conference on Plasma Surface InteractionsPSI-22was held in Rome from May 29-June 3, 2016. Six researchers from ASIPP attended this conference. 

Altogether 15 papers from ASIPP were presented in oral or poster session, giving an all-round view of ASIPP achievement in PSI studies. Dr. Fang Ding and Dr. Zhen Sun gave two invited talks entitled ‘Commissioning and PSI behavior of the ITER-like W/Cu divertor in EAST’ and ‘Exploring steady-state ELM-free H-mode plasmas for heat flux control on EAST’. Prof. Liang Wang and Dr. Zhongshi Yang gave two oral talks named ‘Effect of heating scheme on SOL width in DIII-D and EAST’ and ‘Radiative divertor experiments and simulations with Ar seeding in EAST’. The other young researchers gave 11 posters. Prof. Guangnan Luo chaired the Session 5.  

As a top-level international conference in fusion field, PSI is a key platform for scientists to exchange experiences and exhibit their recent research results. At this conference, 5 review, 20 invited, 35 oral talks and over 350 posters were presented. In addition, 4 tutorial reports with contributions from experts in the fields covered by the meeting were organized. (Zhen SUN reports)