R&D Center Won "Yingxin Cup" Basketball Match
count: [2011-12-15]

Recently, the defending champion team of R&D and Manufacture Center succeeded in retaining the trophy of ASIPP Second “Yingxin Cup” (welcoming the New Year) basketball match, which makes a happy end of this year’s game.

   9 teams from ASIPP different departments have played 20 matches in about one month, each team played well. The finale is especially exciting, drawing a large audience. Cheer-led by Prof Wu Jiefeng, Head of R&D and Manufacture Center, the team pocketed their trophy With high rate of straight shoots and efficient block.

  “Yingxin Cup” Basketball match holds every year and well-joined by ASIPP young researchers. No doubt, there will be the third game in next autumn. (Chen Lei and Wang Yuan Reports)

The final match

Champion team