KIP "Key Technologies and Scientific Issues in the Use of Nuclear Power" passed the Mid-term Evaluation
count: [2011-12-12]

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Knowledge Innovation Program (KIP) “Key Technologies and Scientific Issues in the Use of Nuclear Power” undertaken by ASIPP FDS team has passed its mid-term evaluation recently. Prof. Wu Yican,head of FDS team and other team members went to Beijing to give the progress reports at the review panel meeting.

   This program aims at training talents and accumulating knowledge for the future use of fusion energy, so that CAS could play an important role in the future development of nuclear power.  Initiated in 2009 by Bureau of Basic Sciences, CAS, the program includes three sub-projects, namely, “Research of Material in High Irradiation Field”, “Research of High Energy Density Physical Problems on Future Energy”, “Preliminary Study of Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System (ADS)”. 

   Prof Wu reported the progress of the first sub-project “Research of Material in High Irradiation Field” and that of the task “ADS Reactor Physics and Technology”. Prof. Huang Qunying reported the development and future plans of “Material Preparation Characterization and Optimization” task as well as R&D of CLAM steel, design of CLEAR reactor, construction of DRAGON-IV LiPb loop, etc. 

   FDS team’s achievements win recognition and a thumb-up from CAS leaders and experts, and the panel also calls for more contribution to advanced nuclear energy in nuclear material development. (Han Qian Reports)

Prof. Wu yican reports

Prof. Huang Qunying reports