20MVA Pulse Transformer tested OK
count: [2011-12-12]

Good news from ASIPP Power Supply and Control Division: After 8 day’s of hard work, 20MVA pulse transoformer has been tested successfully at Hushitai Transformer Test Center in Shenyang, northeast of China.

   When the transformer arrived at that test centre, its unique appearance and structure attracted many research workers. According to one engineer, it is the first time in China to test such large transformer with low impedance; even it is rare in the world. There is not much experience that can be referenced. The test includes pulse current test at 350KA and surge voltage test.

   To minimize the pulse influence to the grid, most tests were carried out at midnight, despite the cold nip in north China. Prior to test, the ASIPP team rehearsed again and again according to on-site conditions and made preparation for all possible potential problems to ensure the data parameters can be obtained in the test. During the test, a new connection method was taken to reduce inductance existing between the busbar lines.

   The test result will provide reliable data for ITER program and pave the way for later test on the ITER PF converter unit.(Zheng Jing Reports)