Brainstorm on DSOL Modeling
count: [2011-12-12]

Invited by ASIPP, researchers from Beijing University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Southwestern Institute of Physics and other related universities and institutes came to Hefei to have a one-day discussion on Divertor and Scrape-Off-Layer (DSOL) modeling. They gathered in EAST Control Building and gave about 10 oral presentations, which attracted dozens of ASIPP postgraduate students.

The topics cover a wide range of issues, from the first-wall surface, engineering, to divertor and SOL plasmas. The participants shared their views and research results on plasma-material interactions and their dependence on materials; hydrogen isotope recycling and their storage in the first-wall; the first wall’s geometry and material and its operation; transport (here means the parallel and perpendicular to the magnetic field) of hydrogenic and impurity species as well as the control of divertor heat flux.

stablishment of DSOLmodeling is an urgent need for EAST tokamak, and ASIPP welcomes every research institution to do related simulations by providing EAST as the experimental platform. Next DSOL meeting will be scheduled on March, 2012. (Wang Dongsheng Reports)