ITER DG Motojima at ASIPP
count: [2011-12-08]

ITER DG Motojima paid a visit to ASIPP On Dec. 1 – 2 after the first stop at Beijing. It is Prof Motojima’s first trip to ASIPP as ITER DG since his attendance to the EAST second International Advisory Committee meeting in October 2006, and he said he is “excited and pleased” to come back.

   ASIPP Director Prof Li Jiangang welcomed Prof Motojima, together with Academician Wan Yuanxi, Deputy Directors Profs Wan Baonian, Fu Peng, Wu xinchao and ITER DA and ASIPP ITER office officials.

   Via reports and lab tour, DG Motojima had a chance to get a closer look at CN ITER PA and EAST on Thursday, Dec. 1.

First Prof Li overviewed the recent EAST research progress and ITER activities at ASIPP. In his talk, Prof Li stated that the development of 40 diagnostics, long-pulse H-mode obtainment and other researches on EAST will provide a wealth of experience for ITER. “We want ITER to succeed”, said Prof Li, “as we are on the same boat.” Prof Li assured DG that ASIPP has a strong commitment to ITER, will accomplish ITER PA on schedule, and has the capability to make more contributions for ITER.

   After listening to reports on progress on ITER power supply, feeder, CC and conductors and quality control, DG Motojima made a site tour to EAST RF, NBI, Li-Pb Loop, EAST vacuum chamber, ITER CICC, R&D Center, ITER CC, ITER Feeder. At the EAST hall, Prof Motojima put on the smock, and went into the EAST vacuum chamber, first ITER DG stepping into the chamber.

   On Dec. 2, DG Motojima was invited to attend the delivery ceremony of first made-in- China product for ITER Project --- 780 meter TF conductor. The conductor, the first ITER products made by ITER parties, will be shipped to Japan. 

    "This is a great victory of Chinese contribution", said DG Motojima at the ceremony, congratulating China on the achievement, and called it "a big step ford success of ITER project".

   In front of some fifty participants, Minister Cao and DG Motojima ignited an electric-optic ball, symbolizing the start of component transportation, and “ignition of shared fusion dream”. (Dong Shaohua Reports)