EAST Ushers in “Phase-II”
count: [2011-12-03]

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for EAST auxiliary heating system project was held on November 29, signifying EAST tokamak has entered into a new upstage stage of “Phase-II”. CAS vice president Zhan Wenlong together with leaders from central government departments, CAS, collaborating institutes and the project S&T committee members witnessed this memorable moment.

ASIPP director Li Jiangang overviewed the current status of EAST auxiliary heating system. With this heating system constructed, EAST will have ability to operate at high-parameters with 1MA current, to access advanced operation regimes. Consequently the frontier reactor-related researches could be conducted on EAST, which will also provide an important and sound engineering and physical basis for ITER safe and steady operation. 

 Vice President Zhan first announced the official appointment of the project management groups. Vice President Zhan heads the leading team, Academician Yu Changxuan chairs the S&T committee, Profs Li Jiangang, Wan Baonian and Zhang Xiaodong shoulder the responsibilities of general manager, chief engineer and chief technician respectively. Zhan continued that EAST construction, an applaudable accomplishment in fusion community, is just a “first step in its scientific program”, as an advanced experimental device, EAST undertakes important scientific missions; it’s necessary to upgrade the device, especially its auxiliary heating power. He hoped EAST could make more achievements and contributions by using this system.

 After the ceremony, the S&T committee had the first meeting, reviewed the project development plan, and put forward valuable suggestions and advice.  (Wang Yuan Reports)

EAST Auxiliary Heating System

   The feasibility report of EAST auxiliary heating system project was officially approved by National Development and Reform Commission on 12 July, 2010. Under the approved project, a 4MW/4.6GHz low hybrid current drive system and a 4MW, 50-80keV long pulse neutral beam injection system will be built within four years to enhance EAST plasma performance and parameters. The overarching goal is to achieve 100 second discharge and 50 million degree core plasma to realize the long-pulse steady state operation on EAST. At present, lower hybrid current drive and neutral beam injection system are progressing smoothly.

Zhan Wenlong gives speech

Li Jiangang reports

Members of  project management groups

Visiting ASIPP