Bon Voyage, First ITER Poduct from China
count: [2011-11-28]

17:35, December 2, 2011. Cold outside, boiling inside at the CICC Hall at ASIPP, Hefei, China. The moment and following 20 minutes will be remembered and cherished, at least by some fifty people presented. 

It is the delivery ceremony of first made-in-China product for ITER Project ---- 780 meter TF conductor. The conductor, 100% made in China, is the first ITER product ever made by seven ITER parties to be shipped to Japan.

Chaired by Prof Li Jiangang, ASIPP director, the ceremony was witnessed by Vice Minister Cao Jianlin, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST), ITER DG Motojima, Mr Wang Shaoqi, former ITER DDG, Mr. Luo Delong, deputy head of China ITER DA, and other officials from CAS headquarter, Anhui provincial government, DA, Dr Arnaud Devred, ITER IO, some China industry representatives and ASIPP staff.

In his keynote speech, Minister Cao, also head of ITER DA, expressed his pleasure in attending the ceremony, he said, given that China is still a developing country, it is of special importance for China to design and produce the first ITER component per international standard and ship it abroad; Chinese government has strongly supported ITER project, and will continue to support domestic related research, manufacturing and production to make them meet the high world demands.

Minister Cao reiterated the reason why China joined the ITER project---- “to solve the energy problem, the energy problem in China and all mankind’’. “Prototype is not enough, engineer prototype is not enough, one or two simple Demos are not enough”, said Minister Cao, ITER project needs the efforts from domestic industries, universities and laboratories, we shall work together to make our due contribution to ITER construction, to China fusion research, to solving world energy problem. Last, Minister Cao wished the “dear baby” a nice and safe trip and successful installment on ITER.

DG Motojima, together with Ms Motojima, was invited to present at the ceremony during his two day visit to ASIPP, he congratulated China on the achievement and on the ceremony.  “This is a great victory of Chinese contribution”, applauded DG Motojima, it is “an encouraging result” and “a big step for success of ITER project”. On behalf of ITER organization, Prof Motojima thanked China for “its large efforts up to now”, and commended that China is “the leading country of ITER project”, and is gaining the world recognition.

Looking back on the past eight years since China joining ITER negotiation, which saw ASIPP headway from absorbing foreign knowhow to innovation and independent IPs,  Prof Li thanked all the strong supports from MOST, local governments, from collaborators home and abroad, claiming “this is a harvest season for all of us”.

The ceremony was climaxed by Minister Cao and DG Motojima igniting an electric-optic ball, symbolizing the start of component transportation, and “ignition of shared fusion dream”. (Dong Shaohua Reports)

DG Motojima and  Minister Cao

Minister Cao Jianlin gives speech

DG Motojima

Prof. Li Jiangang reports