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ASIPP has established close and win-win cooperation relationship with more than thirty countries and regions, including EU, USA, RU, Japan and so on. Since its founding, ASIPP has always attached great importance to international cooperation. Lots of his scholars and engineers has been sent abroad to visit, study or work in other academic institutions and laboratories.
ASIPP are actively engaged in hosting international seminars and workshops, and supporting fusion research in the developing countries. Substantial cooperation has been conducted on plasma physics experiments, nuclear fusion technology and facilities, ion beam biological engineering, computer science, solar cells and other topics with many countries and institutions.

   Cooperation with ITER
ASIPP is one major ITER contributors in China. As a major contributor in China for ITER, ASIPP has undertaken the procurement packages (PA) of superconducting conductors, correction coils, superconducting current leads, power supply and diagnostics, up to 73% of China’s ITER PA tasks. So far, all the ITER PA tasks have been implemented very well with high quality and on schedule, wining recognition from the world fusion community.
Cooperation with EU
As an outstanding cooperation example with EU, ASIPP maintains close cooperative relationship with CEA (France). In 2013, ASIPP and CEA established a joint fusion laboratory. In 2018, the joint lab was promoted to the Sino-French Joint Fusion Center (SIFFER) by Chinese and French governments.

Cooperation with USA
China and the United States have conducted extensive and fruitful cooperation in the field of magnetic confinement nuclear fusion.
ASIPP-GA International Tokamak Cooperative Research Center established in 2013, carry out EAST/DIII-D joint experiments. ASIPP holds Sino-US Fusion Week regularly to further strengthen communication with the US side. The two sides jointly set up a joint research group to carry out conceptual design and simulation calculation of the China Fusion Engineering Experimental Reactor (CFETR).In recent years, the two sides have continuously expanded the scale of joint training of doctoral students and post-doctoral positions, and so far more than ten young talents have been jointly trained. We has published more than 150 joint papers.


Cooperation worldwide
2  ASIPP has signed an international cooperation agreement with the Tunisian National Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNSTN). ASIPP will organize the 2022 Summer School of Plasma and Fusion Physics in the Middle East and North Africa with the French Commission for Atomic and Alternative Energies (CEA), the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS), and the Tunisian National Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNSTN) Training Program (MPFus Program).

2  Rebuilding the HT-6M facility and assisting Thailand in establishing the China-Asean Fusion Research Center;  Supported Thailand fusion research with HT-6M Tokamak handover.
2  The China-CEEC Fusion Technology R&D and Application Center has been established in Slovenia;

2  Lead the organization of BRICS Fusion Week to cultivate fusion stars;
2  China holds a plasma Physics and Fusion training school, and builds a China-Middle East and North Africa Fusion Cooperation Center. Signed with Lebanese university a cooperation agreement regarding the scientific research on the peaceful development and use of nuclear energy. Through this agreement, AUB and ASIPP will carry out more detailed collaborating activities, from fusion and plasma research to students training and scientists

2  China and Russia have been cooperating on fusion technology for 30 years. We have deeply participated in and contributed to the all-round cooperation of science and technology between China and Russia. Significant progress has been made in the cooperation between EAST and NICA
2  Joint laboratories have been established with a number of countries Established  CN-Russia Superconducting Proton Research Center (JINR,RU), CN-Finland Joint Lab(VTT, Finland), CN-Denmark Joint Lab (DTU, Denmark)


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